March 27, 2017

MPI consortium obtains original proponent status for QC solid waste project

Metro Pacific Investments Corp (MPI) today announced that the consortium consisting of MPI, Covanta Energy LLC and Macquarie Group Ltd has been granted Original Proponent Status by the Quezon City local government (QC LGU) to design, construct, finance, and operate an Integrated Solid Waste Management (IWSM) facility. The ISWM facility will be capable of processing and converting up to 3,000 MT/day of the Quezon City’s municipal solid waste into 42MWe of renewable energy, enough to power between 60,000 and 90,000 homes. The project will be undertaken through a JV between the consortium and the QC LGU. As the original proponent of the project, the consortium will have the exclusive rights to enter into detailed negotiations with the QC LGU. Upon successful completion of negotiations, the project will be subjected to a competitive challenge. If and when the consortium is awarded the project, development and construction would take approximately 3-4 years.