March 07, 2017

8990 CEO joins ITALPINAS board

ITALPINAS Development Corp. has appointed the president and chief executive officer of fellow property developer 8990 Holdings, Inc. to its board of directors. 

ITALPINAS said Januario Jesus B. Atencio III joined its board on March 1.

Mr. Atencio has acquired 10,000 of the 221,618,800 outstanding common shares of Italpinas when he became a regular member of the company’s board.
In an article by Business World, Atencio quipped that he was invited by the owners "to become a director because they felt I could contribute positively by giving housing advice.
“I accepted because, knowing the owners, Romolo Nati and Jose ‘Jojo’ D. Leviste III, together with his dad Joey, they’re great people with a sincere desire to be the best with what they’re doing. I’m just happy to help out in my own little way.”

Mr. Atencio currently serves as the president and CEO of mass housing developer 8990 Holdings and its 11 other real estate Subsidiaries.