July 02, 2013

NatureWorks signs up D&L as local distributor

Two units of D&L Industries Inc., a manufacturer of customized food ingredients, have been tapped as local distribution partners of the world’s leading supplier of renewably-sourced biopolymers. The deal marks D&L Industries’ fourth partnership with a foreign firm so far this year.

In a disclosure, D&L Industries said NatureWorks tapped First in Colours (FIC) and D&L Polymers and Colours (DLPC) as distribution and compounding partners, respectively, in the rapidly growing Philippine market. NatureWorks is a global leader in the supply of biopolymers with Ingeo fibers and plastics made from renewable resources.

Specifically, FIC will bring Ingeo to its broad customer base of thermoformers, film extruders and injection molders. To achieve specific properties, DLPC for its part, will perform modifications and compounding of products. - WealthSec