March 11, 2013

Ayala group’s consolidated profit up 12% in 2012

Ayala Corporation has grown its combined net earnings in 2012 by 12% to a total of P10.6 billion on higher contribution from its real estate, banking and water businesses.

Not to mention the nonrecurring items in the group, 32% or a total of P11.6 billion has increase in their core net income. Ayala Corp told Philippine Stock Exchange on Monday that they have also increased their revenue by 16% to 125 billion.

16% year-on-year increase was driven by Ayala Land Inc., Manila Water Co., and Bank of the Philippine Islands to a total of P14.3 billion last year. While electronics, BPO, and automotive equity improvements helped to boost Ayala's equity earnings last year.

Livelt, an Ayala's BPO business unit has made a staggering record of $343 million from year-ago level which is up by 8%. Livelt has able to trimmed its annual net loss due to a $32 million worth of cash flow which was up by 36 percent.

Last year, the Ayala group spent about P150 billion in capital expenditures, the highest in its 179-year history.  Apart from the new investments of its core business, the amount was used to fund the parent company’s investment programs, including the acquisition of the 10.4-percent stake unloaded by DBS Bank of Singapore in  Bank of the Philippine Islands. The Ayala group raised its ownership in the bank to 44 percent.