February 14, 2013

Philippines Studies Opportunities in Medical Tourism

Philippines Studies Opportunities in Medical Tourism

Tourisim secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. said that the Philippine government is now making studies in regards with the opportunities that will enable the country to establish its footprint in teh medical tourism industry.

He also added that sectors that are currently having high demand are cancer care, retirement and dental services. Jimenez said that the country must be cautious in making a decision as to what sector it would be focusing and should ensure that they are going to put good facilities and professionals to handle them.

“Medical tourism is an area where one develops a reputation quickly. It’s something we cannot go wrong. We have to get it right the first time,” Jimenez said.

World-class medical and healthcare facilities will both help foreign tourists and Filipinos said former Health Secretary Jaime Galvez.

Samie Lim of the Philippine Franchise Association, who is also pushing medical tourism in the Philippines, said this could help attract tourists seeking affordable but quality medical treatment, who would bring their families with them for long holidays. That means more dollars per tourist visit for the country.

In 2006, the country came up with a Medical Tourism Program. Lim said developments might not have been as quick as initially expected but the country had been succeeding in building a momentum in this area, along with the overall tourism program.
A few years ago, the country was relaunched as a medical tourism destination under the brand “Philippines: The Heart of Asia.”

Source: http://business.inquirer.net/107639/govt-studies-opportunities-in-medical-tourism