February 05, 2013

Foreign Investors are Now More Interested to invest in the Philippines

Philippines is now attracting more foreign investors due to its strong macroeconomic conditions based on the statement of Religare Enterprises Ltd. in India.

In a briefing in Makati, managing director of Religare Capital Markets Limited John Sturmey said that the Philippines is doing great in luring international investors now compare before.

"Basically, it has the best macroeconomic story in the region right now... [and] the macro story is seen sustainable and there is a lot of liquidity," he said.

After getting the approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission, Religare will be opening their unit in the country to take advantage of Philippine economy growth as they saw a 6.6% boost in 2012 which is a great news for investors.

Sutha Kandiah, managing director and head of investment banking at Religare Capital Markets Corporate Finance Pte. Ltd. in Singapore said that they see a huge opportunity in the Philippines because of its huge economic growth.

He added "The current regime is doing a phenomenal job getting Philippines' corruption level addressed, inflation is coming down, economic growth being delivered is between 6% to 7%, the external and deficit levels have been addressed and the policies are fantastic."

Kandiah is looking more on Philippine real estate industry at the moment since there are lots of real estate companies that are making their success in this field.

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