January 27, 2013

2012 Entrepreneur of the Year Winners and Their Advice

Who are the best entrepreneurs in the Philippines?

This is a very broad question to ask since there are hundreds or thousands of entrepreneurs in the Philippines. But Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 awardee made it clear who really are the best entrepreneur in the Philippines.

The award as the best entrepreneur of the Philippines went to Jaime Ayala, president and CEO of Hybrid Social Solutions Inc. The name Social Entrepreneur of the Year was also added to his name because of his for-profit social enterprise that allows residents in the rural areas to gain access to solar energy.

The former president of Ayala Land had shown his strategy for working with community-based finance partners in order to help those in need.

He said "The issue with many businesses is they sometimes focus more on the profits rather than the mission of meeting needs of people. We've chosen poor people as customers but we treat them like customers not charity cases."

There are also other award-winning entrepreneurs that gave some good advice for Filipinos who are planning to have their own business.

Young entrepreneur award winner Marvin Agustin who owns a restaurant said that don't be afraid in achieving what you really want in life. Poverty, challenges, and even education can't hinder you from getting into your goals. It actually you that will determine if you will become a successful person or not.

Small Business Entrepreneur winner Jonathan Suy of the Jomaray Pulp Packaging Industries added that those would-be entrepreneurs should not be afraid of trying. He said "Do not be afraid to try. Trying is the key for starting a business.You won't know if it's a success or not, but it's much better to try."

Master Entrepreneur winner Jose Victor Paterno, CEO and president of Philippine Seven Corp. Believes that entrepreneurs should be open to other opportunities. He added "You follow your passion because that's why you're an entrepreneur, but also be cognizant of the other opportunities as you follow your star, sometimes there's something there in front of you but you don't see it. It might lead you there also."

Woman Entrepreneur of the Year winner Venus Genson of Art and Nature Manufacturing Corp. while Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year award went to Tommanny Tan of the Filipino entrepreneurs and Resources Network.

Tan Gave a really good advice that we should not only wait for money to come to us. "When you have an OFW in the family, you're just waiting for them to send money every month. Everybody should be looking how to make money grow" Said Tan.